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Peabody News
Peabody High School Daily Announcements
Peabody Basketball
Region 7A Tournament
Boys Region 7A - Round 1
Monday, February 27
#3 Peabody Golden Tide vs. #1 Humboldt Vikings
at Humboldt, 7:30
Student Council: State Convention
The State Student Council Convention is being held this weekend, March 3 - 5, at Arlington High School. Representing Peabody will be Morgan Campbell, Chloe Cates, Makayla Walters, and Haeleah Lester. These students will compete in the areas of Four-Star Council, T-shirt competition, Scrapbook competition, Speech (Makayla), and Essay (Morgan). Also, Chloe and Haeleah will give a presentation about creating and running an effective executive board.

Morgan Campbell

Chloe Cates

Haeleah Lester

Makayla Walters
Polar Plunge: Student Council
The Peabody Student Council raised more money for Special Olympics than any other participating group. Thanks to these students for their efforts in serving others.
Basketball: All District 14A Team

Maya Anderson

Raevianna Clark

Stacie Mayberry
Girls: All-Academic Team

Raven Hall

Lauren McLemore


Khance Hill

Cam Luten

If you would like to see a syllabus for some of the courses taught at Peabody, click on the "Courses and Syllabi" navigation bar on the left-hand side of this page. After doing so, click on "Syllabi for Core Courses" at the top of the right-hand side of that page.

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This will be a great event as we have presenters from the professional community coming to share information about STEM careers.
ACT Prep Opportunities at UTM
One Day ACT Prep Class – Prepare Now for the National Exam!

May 20, 2017, 8:00 am – Noon
UT Martin, Martin, TN
$45 per student
Instructor:  Ron Ramage, High School Instructor and UT Martin Adjunct

January 28, 2017, 8:00 am – Noon
March 25
May 20
UT Martin Jackson Center, 3031 Hwy 45 Bypass, Jackson, TN 38305
$45 per student
Instructor:  Alex Beene, Author and Educator, Lead Instructor for Tennessee Adult Education

February 4, 2017, 8:00 am - Noon
UT Martin McNairy County Center/Selmer, 1269 Tennessee Ave., Selmer, TN 38375
$45 per student
Instructor:  Alex Beene, Author and Educator, Lead Instructor for Tennessee Adult Education
January 28, 2017, 8:00 am – Noon;
April 1, 2017, 8:00 am – Noon and
June 3, 2017, 8:00 am - Noon
$45 per student, plus optional book
Instructor: Rosemary Livingston, ACT  Prep/RTI˛ Facilitator – Decatur Co Riverside High School 
March 18, 2017, 8:00 am – Noon
Fayette County Career Center, Somerville, TN
$45 per student
Instructor:  Alex Beene, Author and Educator, Lead Instructor for Tennessee Adult Education
ACT Prep Class (4 weeks) – for students who are wanting more review:
Saturdays, March 4 – 258:00 am – Noon
UT Martin, Martin, TN
$95 plus book
Instructor:  Ron Ramage, High School Instructor and UT Martin Adjunct
Register online: 
Select: Non-Degree Programs
Select: General Classes
Questions – Call Outreach at 731-881-7082.
Thank You, Boosters!
Message from the Principal

The Trenton Special School District is attempting to meet or surpass some excellent work done by our faculty and students over the last two years:

Spring, 2014 and 2015 Peabody: EOC Results
P/A = % of students who were Proficient and Advanced
Growth = TVAAS, or Tennessee Value Added Assessment System--- (Basically, a positive number means we took a student at the beginning of the year and gained more than a years worth of knowledge with them in that subject. The larger the number, the more we "grew" them).

  • Algebra 1:
    • 2014- #11 of 368 schools in TN in P/A; Top 3%. Growth; 43.7
    • 2015-  #8 of 376 schools in TN in P/A; Top 2%. Growth; 36.3
  • Algebra 2:
    • 2014- #7 of 136 districts in TN in growth (19.6, for a 25% increase); Top 5%
    • 2015- #20 of 359 schools in TN in proficiency; Top 6%. Growth; 39.4
  • English 1:
    • 2014- #4 of 136 districts in TN in growth (4.5, for a 15.6% increase); Top 3%.
    • 2015- #43 of 367 schools in TN in P/A; Top 12%. Growth; 3.5
  • English 2:
    • 2015- #41 of 370 schools in TN in P/A; Top 11%. Growth; 6.9
  • English 3:
    • 2014- #4 of 136 districts in TN in growth (2.5, for a 12.9% increase); Top 3%.
    • 2015- #91 of 371 schools in TN in P/A; Top 25%. Growth; 4.2
  • Biology:
    • 2015- #80 of 373 schools in TN in P/A; Top 22%. Growth; 16.6
  • Chemistry:
    • 2015- #58 of 366 schools in TN in P/A; Top 16%.

Source: 2014- Tracy Allen, Educational Consultant
Source: 2015- Tennessee Department of Education

Peabody High School was founded in 1877 with money donated by George Peabody.
Mr. Peabody was an international merchant and financier. At the conclusion of the Civil War, he donated $3.4 million to establish the 'Peabody Education Fund' in order to rebuild schools in the south. The $3.4 million would be the equivalent of $75 million today.

From the George Peabody Museum website:
The Southern states suffered greatly both during and after the American Civil War. Moved by their situation, George Peabody wanted to help. He believed that education would help the Southern people rebuild and so donated funds to "promote and encourage the intellectual, moral and industrial education of the destitute children of the Southern States." The Fund also attempted to establish a permanent education system run by qualified teachers.

In recognition of this act of philanthropy, Congress unanimously approved a resolution of gratitude and presented Peabody with a gold medal. Also, President Andrew Johnson personally visited Peabody and thanked him for his efforts.
He was a remarkable man who gave millions to those in need yet never actually bought any property for himself. Click on his picture to learn more.
Peabody High School is proud to carry the name of such a fine person and we will throughout the school year post more information about his life. In the meantime please visit the website listed above to  learn more about our namesake.
More from the website:
"Although George Peabody was first and foremost an American
businessman, his philosophic ideals transcended the war.  As such, he
was more concerned with helping people than with politics.  This was
evident in the effort he put forth in the Peabody Education Fund."

                                                                -Mayor Michael Bonfanti
                                                                Peabody, MA
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